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About me

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I'm a commissioned Notary Public in the state of Michigan. I take pride in doing the very best job I can for every single client. I make an earnest effort to ensure that every client I come in contact with stays a happy client or is a happy client by the end of the appointment.


I have over 20 years of customer service experience. I have completed a background check with the National Notary Association (NNA) and I passed their Notary Signing Agent Certification Exam.  I have also taken additional training with the Loan Signing System (LSS), where I completed and received the LSS Certified Signing Agent Designation. I am flexible and adaptive, change happens, I make it a point to be ready for when it does.  I have filled positions from team player to IT Manager over a department of 15 people and thousands of devices.  Therefore organizing and planning are second nature.

Some of the positions I have held include: Realtor, Operations Clerk with Series 7 Brokerage License, Loan Officer, Office Manager, Fast Food Manager, Flight Attendant and sales associate.  I have worn many hats and always welcome a challenge.

As with everyone, I have had my share of

ups and downs, those experiences

have filled me with compassion, empathy

and thoughtfulness.  Dealing with various

things like guardianship for a younger sibling,

financing a home, power of attorney, etc., those matters require a certain type of personality to handle them - they can be delicate but they don't have to be complicated by mishandling. 

One of my goals in life is maintain a reputation of professionalism, reliability and consistency.  


I will provide a proficient and thorough service to make sure the appointment is executed correctly and properly.

I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a photographer, a graphic designer, a crafter and an entrepreneur - I ride motorcycles and like to build, create and renovate - 

I am also your favorite Notary Public or I will be.


I am not an attorney licensed to practice law, and I may not give legal advice, or accept fees for legal advice.

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