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General Notary Services

​♦ Power of Attorney

♦ Personal Legal documents

♦ Transfers of Real Estate

♦ Real Estate Loans

♦ Financial Documents

♦ Wills & Trusts 

♦ Family matters

♦ Guardianships 

♦ Health Care Directives 

♦ Medical Release Forms 

♦ DMV Documents

♦ Copy Certification by Document Custodian

♦ Acknowledgement / Affirmations 

♦ Domestic Partnerships

♦ Sworn Oaths

♦ Consent Letters for Minor Child to Travel Internationally

♦ And All Other Documents allowed by Michigan Law

Certified Loan Signing Agent

You can depend on me to handle the signing and loan documents with respect and proficiency. To help put you at ease we will go over each docmemt as part of the closing and make this a pleasant conclusion to your refinance or purchase.




​• Certified Loan Signing Notary since 2020

• Background checked NNA

• Bonded and Insured  

• Memberships: NNA



 Please call for price quote

If you don't see something listed, send us a message or give us a call.

Hospital Notary Services

If your loved one is in the HOSPITAL, NURSING HOME or any other facility and has an urgent need to have a document Notarized, please call me and make an appointment. 


As a Notary Public, it’s my job to make sure the signer is alert and aware of the document they are signing.


Hospitals do provide Advanced Directive forms. They include a Living Will, a Durable Power of Attorney for Medical Affairs (this one has the advanced directives in it) and a Durable Power of Attorney for Financial Affairs. You may even see a Last Will & Testament in this package as well.


Does the signer understand the document? - Is the signer in a medicated state? Make sure that the nurses know not to drug the signer within eight hours of the signing. Make sure the family members of the signing are watching the signer at all times to make sure the nurses don't slip them any valium, otherwise the signing is off.


                       -----AN HOUR BEFORE APPOINTMENT----                               


1.  Wake them up at least an hour before appointment. 

2.  Is the signer drugged? Valium and signings don't mix. Make sure they understand the notarization of the documents.   

3.  Can the signer sign their name? Have a family member test them out before the appointment.  If not - to sign by Mark — have 2 “disinterested” witnesses available.   See Sample on "To Do List" page.

4.  Do you have the ID in your hand? Please read it to me again. 

5.  Please confirm you have the document(s) and they are filled out completely. 



Other Available Services

​♦ Mobile Notarizations - We will come to you

♦ Document Packaging

♦ Coming Soon


I am not an attorney licensed to practice law, and I may not give legal advice, or accept fees for legal advice.

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